We are proud to announce that we have passed the ISO9001:2015 certification. We see this as an important achievement, as a natural evolution – and a significant milestone in our customer focus. The ISO9001 is a big step forward for our internal workflow but most importantly it provides quality and process stability for our customers.
At Sky-Watch we do our utmost to ensure the quality of our products – from development to manufacturing. All our departments have the same mindset, which reflects in the usability, functionality and build quality of our services and products.

We strive for a customer experience of:

  • delivering the right product on time
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • fulfilment of customer demands
  • standardized interface between Sky-Watch and our customers

Development, manufacturing, integration, sales and services of UAV systems

The purpose of the company’s quality management system is to continuously comply with customer, legal and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we strive to increase customer satisfaction through effective introduction of the quality management system and its processes, and introduction of processes and procedures regarding continuously improvements of the system, as well as improvements regarding ensuring compliance with customer, legal and regulatory requirements and quality in the technical departments.

In order to comply with the above, Executive Management has chosen to introduce the requirements described in the ISO9001:2015 standard of quality management.

Sky-Watch will continuously develop, improve and maintain the ISO 9001 system and furthermore fulfill the customers service and delivery expectations in all aspects, hereby creating confidence in the company’s professional and marked capabilities.
Th company wants to ensure that the customers get the right impression and experience of getting their point of views handled uncomplicated and professionally in mutual cooperation.
Sky-Watch A/S will be lawful. Policies will be evaluated on management meetings, communicated on website, supports our strategic direction in terms of quality and create a basis for quality goals.

Summarized, the company will strive to comply with the following:

  • Deliver the right product in time.
  • Work towards a greater customer and other stakeholders satisfaction.
  • The management team contribute actively to ensure employee education and development, which is necessary in order to comply with applicable policies and goals.
  • Fulfill all relevant customer demands and obey all regulatory requirements regarding the given task or project.
  • Identify and assess risks.
  • ISO 9001 will be included as a management and strategic tool in the company.