The FENRIS rangefinder offers simple and fast control of the HUGINN X1, along with ballistic computing for aiming and quick and easy identification of points of interest (POI). The device provides vital information for the command station via our integrated battle management system support. The pocket-size FENRIS is ready for weapon-mounting which makes the drone accessory of great use in combat situations.

The small size of the FENRIS qualifies it for a wide range of applications, such as distance measurement and location of POI. The rangefinder can be weapon-mounted to aid in modern warfare, or used as a stand-alone unit. Based on a laser rangefinder (LRF), the UAV add-on can be easily integrated into various battle management systems (BMS) on the market. Supplementation with several expansion packs will enable the operator to add new functionalities, without requiring fundamental changes in hardware configuration.

The design of the FENRIS aims at minimizing the extra weight and size of the rifle, while simplifying the user interface. Access to its main functionalities will be provided by the simple array of buttons and the small display. Connection to an Android device will offer full capabilities, including access to Settings and History. Information on the position and orientation of the rifle and the lased targets can also be provided.

Sky-Watch Fenris laser rangefinder

Sky-Watch Fenris laser rangefinder Colt Carbine riffle mounted