Our collaboration with world-leading developers and manufacturers of state-of the-art high-definition cameras and sensor technology enables us to deliver the best drone solutions for military, surveying and agriculture. We are constantly raising the bar on modern unmanned aerial vehicle technology and we continue to develop new ideas into working solutions for farming, scouting and tactical use.

Our collaboration with Boeing marks a step toward the drone of the future. Our joint expertise works for the benefit of our customers.
By testing new technology in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark, we are developing the new VTOL fixed-wing Smart UAV. Our partnership creates a perfect environment for UAV development.
In cooperation with Aalborg University we develop knowledge and skills of new students within UAV systems and sensor fusion. Frequently we have ongoing internships and development projects to secure the next generation of bright minds.
When it comes to thermal imagery systems, FLIR Systems are second to none. We have teamed up with FLIR to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.
Colt Canada has established an outstanding reputation for its particular ability to develop and implement product solutions customized to suit specific user requirements.