Sky-Watch A/S and Anthea Technologies ApS merge

We are extremely happy to announce this important point in the Sky-Watch A/S history!

Effective from February, Sky-Watch A/S has acquired the shares in our global distributor Anthea Technologies ApS, which means that Anthea Technologies ApS will be a 100 % owned daughter company in the Sky-Watch group.
The activities of Sky-Watch A/S and Anthea Technologies ApS will during the coming periode merge into one operational unit under Sky-Watch A/S.

Further, we are happy to introduce the new management team in Sky-Watch, which will work to ensure Sky-Watch a leading position in the growing markets of drones and sensor fusion technologies. To meet the expected growth of Sky-Watch, the management team has been expanded, and is led by newly appointed President and CEO Henrik B. Bendixen.

We are looking very much forward to the new and exiting future of Sky-Watch A/S and we will continue to develop new technologies for a safer world.

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To see the new Management Team, CLICK HERE.