Sky-Watch Labs partners with General Dynamics!

We are very proud and happy to announce that General Dynamics European Lands Systems signed a MOI last week to explore future opportunities for UAV technology in the battlefield. The future of UAVs in the battlefield will be explored by Sky-Watch Labs, the research and development arm of Sky-Watch, in cooperation with partners such as the Technical University of Denmark on a variety of projects. UAVs are becoming an integral part of modern warfare and provide increased situational awareness for troops and commanders on the ground.
The purpose of Sky-Watch products and our partners is always to create a safer world through technology, and this signing of MOI is one step in the right direction.


General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is a business unit of US based General Dynamics Corporation and conducts its business through European operating sites located in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. For the past 20 years GDELS has delivered hundreds of PIRANHA, EAGLE and DURO armored vehicles to the Danish Army. GDELS´s Industry Cooperation programs have generated almost 1,7 billion kroner of revenue for Danish industry out of which 700 million kroner have been generated on a purely commercial basis. Partnerships with and assistance from GDELS has enabled Danish industry to access General Dynamics Corporation´s vast network and has created new technology development, export and employment opportunities. Long-term GDELS industry partners in Denmark include Falck Schmidt Defence Systems, Terma, Nissens and TenCate. For more information about GDELS visit

With headquarter in Denmark, Sky-Watch has since 2009 developed, manufactured and implemented high-tech solutions for real-time decision making in complex environments worldwide. Sky-Watch’s R&D competencies encompasses unmanned systems, advanced embedded control software, integrated industrial design and intuitive user interfaces.
Sky-Watch is owned by the Danish equity fund Dangroup ApS and Borean Innovation. We currently employ 19 highly educated and motivated employees, in an innovative and open environment with focus on our customers needs.
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