Sky-Watch Huginn X1 featured in IFF Magazine!

The Huginn X1 is featured in the International Firefighting Magazine, March edition (Issue 45).
The article describes how the Copenhagen Fire Brigade uses the Huginn X1 as a first responder to create situational overview within seconds! Drones has been tested by the Copenhagen Fire Brigade in the last year and has become a interesting player in personnel safety and emergency management.

At Sky-Watch we always strive to create a safer world through technology and this is one step further!

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AEWE 2015 is now underway.

We are now at the end of Jan. 2015 and AEWE is well underway at Fort Benning Georgia. Sky-Watch have also ended its training and is moving into the experiment exercises.

During the training we captured a few beautiful pictures at the Mckenna Mount at Fort Benning GA, which we would like to share with you.

We are looking forward to gaining alot of experience from this years AEWE, and will continue to post updates during the exercises.

AEWE Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

Muninn VX1


Sky-Watch focus on usability and advanced sensor fusion technologies.The MUNINN VX1 UAV offers autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), combined with easy control of waypoints via our Navigator. This makes the drone simple to navigate and lets you focus on analyzing the data collected by the UAV. Rather than concentrating on the operation of the aircraft, the operator is able to focus on the large amount of data provided by the system or on mission objectives. Once deployed, the MUNINN VX1 UAV carries out its predefined mission objectives and provides real-time data needed for smart, fast and accurate decision making when scouting and mapping environments, landscaping or in situations of natural disasters.






The use of drones in civilian applications are increasing. Due to the MUNINN VX1s VTOL capabilities operations are carried out time- and cost-efficient. With the MUNINN VX1 there is no need for expensive runways or launching systems. Its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology means the MUNINN VX1 is ready to go, and return safely, virtually anywhere.



The MUNINN VX1 is a versatility and flexible platform, due to its combined VTOL and fixed-wing system. This enables deployment from smaller compounds and vessels situated in remote or complex environments, only limited by the users imagination. Of course, the MUNINN VX1 integrates seamlessly with various battle management systems (BMS) and data distribution systems.



Maritime applications in the arctic region pushes the MUNINN VX1 platform to new levels. The VTOL capability facilitates that the MUNINN VX1 can be deployed on vessels, which until now have been excluded from carrying mid-range drones for intelligence, surveillance and recognizance operations. The MUNINN VX1 can be used for environmental monitoring due to its modular payload system.



The MUNINN VX1 is currently under development. Sky-Watch is working together with the Technical University of Denmark, the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, and Boeing on the MUNINN VX1 SMART UAV project, which will result in a completely new type of drone for collection of data in unreachable locations. Our efforts aim at developing a new generation of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAVs that combines the advantages of existing rotorcraft UAVs with those of fixed-wing aircraft for longer range and endurance. It will be controlled with Sky-Watch’s intuitive Navigator and will have the same autonomous advantages as known from our Huginn X1.

Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation