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At Sky-Watch, we do not define ourselves only through our products. This makes us a highly competitive and creative partner specializing in sensor fusion and in the development of advanced solutions for diverse applications. Aiming for the best quality and low costs, we strive to keep the process from idea to working technology to a minimum. At Sky-Watch Labs, our dedicated work on sensor fusion projects is blazing a trail to the next level. We aim to be your future partner in the development of new technologies adapted to your applications or specific needs. Below, we describe some of the products currently in progress. Some of these may have the potential for future marketing.


Surveillance drone Muninn VX1 SMART UAV


The MUNINN VX1 is suitable for medium-distance reconnaissance or geo-mapping assignments. This aircraft combines the advantages of rotor-based drones with the longer range of a fixed-wing UAVs. The sophisticated onboard sensor technology makes it ideal for use by environmental and defense applications.



As experts in sensor fusion technology, Sky-Watch Labs offers its competencies to our existing and future partners. We strive to increase our overall innovation and we ensure that our customers needs are the key focus of our Research and Development team.


Fenris laser rangefinder


The FENRIS rangefinder offers an alternative control unit with a simple, easy-to-use interface for the HUGINN X1 drone. Available also in a weapon-mounted version with ballistic computing and a shot counter, the FENRIS is designed primarily for the defense application.


Home of Sky-Watch2


Sky-Watch offer ruggedized Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) technology for professional users. Our quadcopter and fixed wing multi-purpose UAV platforms are configured according to customers’ requirements. Our applications range from advanced sensor piloting features, GIS- and camera technologies.

With our UAV platforms, it is easy to deploy, fly and collect live video and data from remote, dangerous or inaccessible areas.
Our UAV technology saves LIVES, saves TIME and saves COSTS!



Sky-Watch Huginn X1 featured in IFF Magazine!

The Huginn X1 is featured in the International Firefighting Magazine, March edition (Issue 45).
The article describes how the Copenhagen Fire Brigade uses the Huginn X1 as a first responder to create situational overview within seconds! Drones has been tested by the Copenhagen Fire Brigade in the last year and has become a interesting player in personnel safety and emergency management.

At Sky-Watch we always strive to create a safer world through technology and this is one step further!

To read about Sky-Watch on IFF, CLICK HERE!

To read the second page of the article, CLICK HERE!

AEWE 2015 is now underway.

We are now at the end of Jan. 2015 and AEWE is well underway at Fort Benning Georgia. Sky-Watch have also ended its training and is moving into the experiment exercises.

During the training we captured a few beautiful pictures at the Mckenna Mount at Fort Benning GA, which we would like to share with you.

We are looking forward to gaining alot of experience from this years AEWE, and will continue to post updates during the exercises.

AEWE Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning



Sky-Watch is among the most innovative companies in the drone industry. We offer our vast accumulated know-how within sensor fusion to our partners, in the pursuit of finding new ways to solve tomorrow’s challenges. We re-think and redefine the value proposition, of own as well as our partners’ ideas and concepts. We specialize in developing and manufacturing advanced autonomous sensor technologies for defense, law enforcement, and emergency management. We combine cutting-edge sensor technologies to create new products for a diverse range of mission critical end-users. By focusing on creating customer value for a broad array of applications, our multipurpose technologies and products can be deployed in a range of situations, from relief work, explosive ordnance disposal, anti-poaching to environmental monitoring.


Small tactical surveillance drone Huginn X1D


The Huginn X1D multi-purpose drone is extremely easy to use. Designed for defense, law enforcement, and emergency management applications, its rapid deployment provides the operator with a tactical overview within minutes. The Huginn X1D is a perfect tool for reaching inaccessible or high-risk areas and for providing situational tactical overview. New DIGITAL version out now!



Sky-Watch_Heidrun_02_multipurpose surveillance UAV


Heidrun V1 is a portable, lightweight highly autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed for Defense and Law Enforcement. The drone is made of first class carbon fiber, which makes it the most robust UAV on the market. Heidrun V1 is ultra mobile and can be rapidly deployed in the field to low-altitude reconnaissance, surveillance or target acquisition.





Cumulus V1 is an extremely easy-to-use and highly autonomous fixed wing drone built in first class materials for agricultural scouting, mapping and surveying. The aircraft is made from the best Carbon fiber and Kevlar, which makes it the most robust UAV on the market.



About us


With headquarter in Denmark, Sky-Watch has since 2009 developed, manufactured and implemented high-tech solutions for real-time decision making in complex environments worldwide. Sky-Watch’s R&D competencies encompasses unmanned systems, advanced embedded control software, integrated industrial design and intuitive user interfaces.

The needs of our end-users are what inspire and define our product development. This is why our systems not only saves time and reduce costs, but also save lives. Our ability to create autonomous systems that can operate in very difficult environments differentiate Sky-Watch from other players in the market.

Our adaptability and customer oriented development makes Sky-Watch an attractive partner for projects that involve the integration of existing technology with our platforms. Such integration projects are central in creating technology leverage that adds value to the end product. Synergy and compatibility are the keywords of our approach to achieving our goal of creating the ultimate multi-purpose autonomous systems. Our continued focus on creating sustainable and close cooperation with key partners in their respective markets enables Sky-Watch to deliver state-of-the-art sensor technology with optimal user friendliness.

Sky-Watch is owned by the Danish equity fund Dangroup ApS & Borean Innovation.


A strong team of committed owners ensures that Sky-Watch is goal oriented and well-funded.

Dangroup ApS is the majority shareholder of Sky-Watch A/S. Dangroup ApS is a Danish private owned equity fund with investments in technologies and here under mainly Information Technology, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Software and related applications or services.

Borean Innovation A/S is a part of the Danish Ministry of Research which invest in Danish technology companies within medico, welfare tech, clean tech, IKT and Electronics. Borean Innovation is located in Aalborg, Denmark.

Huginn X1D



Huginn X1D is a quadcopter system. The setup enables it to perform vertical take-off and landings without any launching or landing mechanisms. The intuitive and logical user interface facilitates personnel with little or no technical knowledge to operate the Huginn X1D following only a minimum of training. With a deployment time of less than one minute, the Huginn X1D is the perfect tool for reaching inaccessible or high-risk areas.
The advanced avionics in the Huginn X1D have been designed with ease of use in mind, enabling the operator to focus on the task at hand.

Combined, these features make the Huginn X1D the total solution for a broad range of monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.


  • Fast decision making in time critical situations
  • Cost effective
  • Operational flexibility
  • Reduced response time

Latest Sky-Watch HUGINN X1D 1Pager sheet available for download here



Tactical surveillance Huginn X1D drone

Small tactical police surveillance Huginn X1D


Time is essential during a military operation; the outcome can change within seconds, meaning the difference between life and death.


In disaster or emergency situations, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and terror attacks, rapid response and accurate real-time information is crucial to save as many lives as possible and provide the necessary help.


For both law enforcement agencies and security forces, rapid response and versatility are the keys to success. The versatility of our system ensures that it can be used for a wide range of tasks.


Severe damage to infrastructures and high casualties caused by natural disasters call upon great organizations of volunteers who has devoted their own lives to save others. Areas are often large and unmanageable which fast real-time overview counteract.




Thanks to their advanced sensor and camera technologies, Sky-Watch products support a broad range of applications. Our multi-purpose platforms support the overview and collection of information from remote, high-risk, or inaccessible areas. The only limit on our products is the user’s imagination.

Live video feed or aerial mapping.


In rough terrain and inaccessible areas, the sturdy, specially fitted CamelBak tactical backpack provides all that is needed for rapid deployment of the Huginn X1D.


The Huginn X1D is a multipurpose UAV, which enables both live video feed and aerial mapping solutions, making Huginn X1D the perfect multipurpose UAV. Sky-Watch recommends the following mapping software to generate the proper map material.