Top priority: SAFETY first!

Several near-incidents of commercial airlines and drones colliding has been reported the last couple of months, rising a very important discussion about international UAV regulations. At the moment any person can purchase an UAV and fly anywhere without any training or education in safety and regulations, which pose a potential threat to international airspace, commercial airliners and everyman’s right to privacy.

Sky-Watch top priority is and has always been safety first! When buying a Huginn X1 drone we offer an insurance approved training program and operator’s certification to ensure that personnel using our products know every aspect of flying a UAV. Further, the Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is covered by an international third party liability, aviation insurance cover.
All unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators should abide by all regulations from such organizations as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and their own national airspace regulations.

As another safety precaution, we have equipped our Sky-Watch Navigator with a “fly-only zone” feature. By enabling this feature your Huginn X1 will not be able to fly outside this zone, securing yours and others safety.

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