Winner of Sky-Watch Labs Award 2016

At Nordic UAS Event 2016, Sky-Watch announced the winner of this year’s Sky-Watch Labs Award 2016.

The winner of this year’s Sky-Watch Labs Award is JESPER ANDERSEN with his idea “ALF”. Jesper presented an innovative concept which can help to increase the safety of UAV systems globally. The technology named “ALF” is designed to always look for the best landing spot in case of a system malfunction. The technology was evaluated to be scalable by being implementable on Fixed Winged Platforms as well as on VTOL platforms.

It was especially noted that ALF:
– Exist in a working prototype ready to be tested
– The product is scalable and can have global impact on UAV operation in e.g. urban environment
– It have the potential to impact new legislation and facilitate BVLOS operations due to an increased safety

We wish Jesper Andersen the best of luck and hope the award of 1.000,- EUR will support his future development.

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