Turning geospatial data into actionable knowledge in hours instead of days

An autonomous UAV solution is a perfect choice for collecting data from inaccessible locations, high-altitude or corridor mapping, mapping of large land-areas or for 3D model creations. Not only does an autonomous mapping and surveying drone give you a better overview, improved data density, faster data gathering and sharper images of the inspection tasks, it also reduces work accidents, streamlines work processes and lowers the overall cost, as the usual requirements for workforce and equipment in the field are reduced. Mapping, surveying and mining are applications that today benefit greatly from UAV technology.


Traditional terrestrial measuring is tedious as it requires a lot of manual work and can be extremely time-consuming. In addition, you generally need to gain access to the area in question.

Based on the latest RTK/PPK hardware technology the Cumulus platform operates with high-accuracy and lightweight mapping equipment. Whether your project goal is taking small-scale measurements, crop scouting or management and oversight of a large, complex area the Cumulus is a preferred working companion.

Read about our Cumulus and the worlds largest mapping mission.


Creating aerial surveying data by plane is very expensive and potentially puts the personnel at risk when operating in particullary dangerous locations. On top of that, gathering and processing the data is time-consuming.

Complementing your existing equipment and surveying instruments with a Sky-Watch UAS platform will guarantee and simplify efficient and effective geospatial data collection. Land surveying, urban planning, land management, construction, and earthworks - all these surveying missions will benefit greatly from using our drone solutions.


Today most mining site data such is gathered by plane, which is a time-consuming and very expensive solution.

Inventory management, stockpile calculation, and site surveying are key aspects of mining operations. Using our Cumulus platform enables you to access all site missions from a safe distance and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the date-gathering process, producing an improved overall result.

Our Turnkey Solution

Below we describe our answer to the challenges of terrain mapping: carefully chosen UAV components which, combined offer the best solution from both a tactical and an operational point of view. To ensure that our customers get the best out of their Sky-Watch solution, our professional services, and maintenance support expertise are included in all our solutions.

Cumulus Mapping & Surveying Solution


The Cumulus is a fully autonomous, lightweight mini-drone - the perfect choice for inventory and stockpile management. The UAV can be configured to meet the specific needs of your mission.

Sky-Watch Drone Manager

Sky-Watch Drone Manager is an UAV mission planning and control software which is highly intuitive, designed around UX and optimized for touch based operation. It holds all necessary information to ensure safe planning and operation of your equipment. One UI for multiple UAV product lines serving specific mission applications.

Third Party Stitching Software

After processing the images in the Sky-Watch Data Manager, you can use any photogrammetric processing software to generate 2D or 3D data.


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