Mining Site Documentation

A central part of operating in mines is inventory management, stockpile calculation, and site surveying. Using our Cumulus platform enables you to access all site missions from a safe distance and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the gathering data process resulting in an improved overall result.


Today most mining site data such is gathered by plane which is a time consuming and very expensive solution.


Using our Cumulus platform for gathering mining data is far more cost effective than using a plane. The turn around time from launching the drone to processing the data on the PC is short and the drone can be operated by a single person.

These features together with the high precision by cross corridor mapping make the platform an effective tool for any mining mission.

Sky-Watch Mining Platform


The Cumulus is a fully autonomous, light-weight mini-drone and a perfect choice inventory and stockpile management. The UAV can be configurated to meet the specific need of your mission.

Mission Planner

The Sky-Watch Mission Planner is a user-friendly software designed to convert the UAV collected data into any applicable and required form.

Data Manager

Sky-Watch’s team of professional service engineers are ready to help you through every step of the data processing procedure for guaranteeing the best result.

3rd Party Stitching Software

After processing the images in the Sky-Watch data manager, you can use any photogrammetric processing software to generate 2d or 3d data.


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Inventory Management & Stockpile Calculation


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