Geospatial Surveying

Complementing your existing equipment and surveying instruments with a Sky-Watch UAS platform will guarantee and simplify an efficient and effective geospatial data collection. Land surveying, urban planning, land management, construction, and earthworks are all surveying missions which will benefit greatly from using our drone solutions.

Your Challenges

Creating aerial surveying data by plane is very expensive and puts the personnel at a potential risk when operating in special dangerous locations. On top of that, the gathering and processing of the data is a time-consuming process.

Our Solution

Due to the high endurance of our drones, they cover more ground per flight than many other solutions. Among the many advantages are:

easy data collection
reduction of the data collecting time by up to 60%
surveying missions can be performed from the distance minimizing the risk of the staff
survey grade data accuracy is down to 1-3 cm by using the L1/L2/L5 module and no need for GCPs

Leaving you with a noticeable reduction in the overall cost of each mission.

Sky-Watch Surveying Solution


The Cumulus is a fully autonomous, light-weight mini-drone and a perfect choice inventory and stockpile management. The UAV can be configurated to meet the specific need of your mission.

Mission Planner

The Sky-Watch Mission Planner is a user-friendly software designed to convert the UAV collected data into any applicable and required form.

Data Manager

Sky-Watch’s team of professional service engineers are ready to help you through every step of the data processing procedure for guaranteeing the best result.

3rd Party Stitching Software

After processing the images in the Sky-Watch data manager, you can use any photogrammetric processing software to generate 2d or 3d data.

Want to know more?

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Efficient & field-proven autonomous UAV solution


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