Radio Relaying

Radio communication is of the highest importance when dismounted troops are to gain situational awareness of a specific area or have to sustain access to orders, feedback and intelligence sharing between vehicles and units. If the radio communication is broken Radio Relaying can establish or re-establish the line of communication and will change the way battlefield communication is deployed in non-line-of-sight scenarios. 

Your Challenges

Dismounted units are often isolated in areas with no line of sight and with no or little communication between units and vehicles. They depend on radio communication for orders, feedback and intelligence sharing. Today a communication unit will deploy up to eight containers to provide radio relay. A mast is deployed or a unit is dispatched to high ground, risking exposure. Using and analysing data, rather than working out how to gather it.

Our Solution

The Heidrun Radio Relay is more portable than existing solutions and can be transported even in small reconnaissance vehicles. Furthermore, the solution includes an interface that enables the operator to adjust the flight mission in flight if the situation or terrain so requires. Other advantages include:

Small footprint and excellent endurance
Plug and play with existing radio infrastructure
Rapid deployment for time-critical missions
One-man operated

Our Turnkey Solution

Below we describe our answer to the challenges of integrated communication solutions: a combination of carefully chosen UAS components that combined, offer the best solution from both a tactical and an operational point of view.


RQ-35 Heidrun Radio Relay Solution

RQ-35 Heidrun Radio Relay

The man-portable Mini UAV is suitable for all ground operations where the need for constant situational awareness is vital. Secure connection to headquarters or personnel in critical situations via RQ-35 Heidrun Relay, no matter which module you employ.

Ground Control Station Software

Our advanced embedded control software fully supports our UAV platform, ensuring the solution you need to accomplish your mission.

Professional Services

As a natural part of our solution, we offer special assistance to ensure the full value of your Sky-Watch solution. Our Field Engineers and Operational Specialists will assist you in the start-up phase and take you through the first missions.

Support & Service

Our solutions are backed up by our skilled product support and service center. We offer full service and support programmes for all our solutions. Our know-how and years of experience enable us to offer an up-to-date and future-proof agreement, depending on our customer’s needs and preferences.


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Enabling non-line of sight communication


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