Our Next Generation VTOL UAV Platform for Vehicle integration

Part of the Sky-Watch legacy technology comes from our early days starting in 2009 in developing and manufacturing our advanced VTOL UAV product group named Huginn aimed for live situational awareness day and night. This UAV platform has been deployed globally and is used by Police forces, Search & Rescue units and Defence & Security customers.

Part of our vision for integrated defense solution the Huginn X2 product platform is our core of the concept of integrated vehicle solution for dismounted missions.

Superior Technology

Sky-Watch has been a small UAV company but our superior technology knowledge and customer centric expertise has demonstrated our value add and potential as a business partner, and led to a number of VTOL development projects with some of the largest OEM partners within the Defence market.

One of these is the joint development project together with General Dynamics where we develop and manufacture an integrated vehicle UAV solution using our next generation of our small VTOL Huginn platform for Vehicles together with an integrated docking bay.

Vehicle Integration

This new generation of the Huginn platform will be one of the first integrated vehicle UAV concepts in the world with support for a high degree of versatile vehicle deployment scenarios.

The new Huginn platform brings you amongst other key features like ruggedized UAV, low profile UAV height, HD camera feed, hot swap battery operation, improved mission performance, and the Compact Ground Station as integration point for command and control (C2) inside the vehicle.


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