Sky-Watch drone accomplishes the first beyond visual line of sight flight in Danish airspace

On Friday 14th September 2018 the first beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight took place at HCA Airport in Denmark. The drone launched was our fixed winged Cumulus V1 and thus surpassed in Danish UAV history as the first drone on Danish territory to make a BVLOS flight.

The drone flew a 26-kilometer flight out of sight and was at one point 8 kilometers away from the launching area. Besides the people from SDU that did the test-flight themselves, there were also representatives from the Defense industry, UAS Denmark and other stakeholders in the UAV business. 

Cumulus V1 flies BVLOS

The Cumulus V1 accomplished a 26 kilometer and 2,5 hours BVLOS flight out of HC Andersen's Airport