Sky-Watch delivers in-door drone for UAWORLD project

Sky-Watch is a part of the cooperation UAWORLD, where one of the objectives is to develop self-navigating in-door drones that steadily move in the most optimal routes and at the same time is able to transport up to a ½ kilo.

In a world where the keywords are optimization and efficiency, innovation is essential for the development of the future. By means of a detailed GIPS signal, reliable wireless communication, and the correct programming, drones will be able to become autonomous, self-navigating units with the ability to optimise and adjust the route continuously and without the interference of humans. Easily and quickly they would be able to transport smaller objects across production facilities and carry out automated visual and physical controls and maintenance. 

Autonomous self-navigating drones will be the new smart working tool in production facilities and will in the future be able to replenish the classical Automated Guided Vehicles, AGVs. Due to the huge interest in the industry, there is no doubt that the future of factories will involve drones.

Official UAWorld video