12. Feb 2021

>> See News TV clip here << (in Danish)


Sky-Watch CEO, Martin Schousboe, was interviewed by the largest national Danish news channel on Feb. 11th on the prospects of the new arctic defense capacity initiative passed by Danish parliament worth approx. 300 mUSD. The initiative includes sourcing of both larger (MALE) category drones as well as smaller drone platforms to be deployed in the Arctic region.

Representing one of Scandinavia’s premier UAV developers and manufacturers Sky-Watch CEO Mr. Martin Schousboe made it clear that Sky-Watch and the Danish drone industry has a strong international market position from which to engage and support the Arctic initiative, with both equipment and a broad range of expertise and services.


Sky-Watch is a unique player in the Scandinavian drone industry as it has the full palette of competences within development and integration of complete drone systems covering the drone, ground control station, antenna system, advanced flight control systems, and sensors and payloads, completed and ready for operational deployment.


An example of the highly relevant engineering expertise and capabilities of Sky-Watch is the EU funded project “UAVEndure” bringing to market a groundbreaking fuel cell technology stack which will enable long range drone missions over very large areas – such as the Arctic. The fuel cell system will be available for utilization and deployment well within the timeframe of the Danish government’s Arctic initiative.


>> See News TV clip here << (in Danish)