Turnkey solutions

Sky-Watch delivers all aspects of your UAV solution including operating software and data processing software. Our solution simplifies UAV operation and enables you to focus on mission-critical decisions. 

Mission Planner

Mission Planner UAV operating software is highly intuitive and optimised for simplicity. It holds all necessary pilot information to ensure safe operation of your equipment and gives you application-specific-add-ons to improve output.

Data Manager

Our software portfolio makes handling and processing your high accuracy PPK/RTK data collected using either Cumulus or Heidrun easy. We have developed a feature-rich and highly intuitive Data Manager, which walks you through the task with ease.

Video Controller

A live video feed from our products is presented to both the pilot and the video operator, but is separately controllable using our Video Controller. It is important to have the same view when gathering vital information and working together in potentially stressful and complex environments.

Third party software

We advise on and recommend only the best third party software solutions for our customers' specific applications and needs. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest solutions, to support and enhance your data processing.

Mission Planner

Mission Planner is a full-featured ground station application for all our UAVs. It provides you with a user-friendly interface optimised for your specific application, leaving you with extra resources to focus on your mission.

Mission Planner can be used as a configuration utility for your autonomous flights or as dynamic control software for your hands-on missions with assisted-control piloting.

We continuously update and enhance Mission Planner to provide you with the latest features, thus constantly elevating your performance.

Data Manager

Our PPK/RTK system logs precise carrier phase GNSS data with millisecond camera trigger events to provide highly accurate camera positions after post processing. Data Manager makes geotagging easy and gives you fast results using an easy workflow from collecting to processing data, which enables you to focus your energy on using and analysing data, rather than working out how to gather it.

Data Manager also works as an integrated module for Mission Planner, which enables you to control the software from Mission Planner.

Video Controller

Developed for payload operation on the Heidrun EO/IR platform, the Video Controller application allows the video operator to control the payload independently of the UAV.

With features such as object tracking, image stabilisation, and POI reporting system, the Video Controller is a feature-rich companion in obtaining vital information at or behind the front line.

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