The Heidrun is a battle proven, fixed wing, mini drone for low-altitude surveillance intelligence and reconnaissance missions. It is designed for operations in complex environments and with high mobility, rapid and easy launch in mind.

Reaching 30 kilometers of live video feed, it is ideal for collecting immediate data from any mission-critical area without exposing the operator to any danger.

Collecting images om mission area or POI allows you to generate high-resolution, textured 2D and 3D mesh models for powerful analysis in a realistic model.

The tactical drone is ultra mobile and can be rapidly deployed in the field. It is operated by an easy-to-use touch based UI application.


The Heidrun UAV system is very unique due to its multipurpose design. It is the ideal partner for both surveillance and mapping assignments. With the accessories below, the platform becomes even more versatile, as the drone is capable of reaching up to 25+ km of live video feed and full controls, streaming the video feed to remote decision-makers and generate new map material.

Compact Ground Station

IP68 standards sets the bar for our testing methods, which makes the Compact Ground Station build to last and securing your vital data connection in the field. Universal mount for either your Short Range or Long Range antenna setup, makes it Mission versatile.

Antenna Tracker

Maintaining high level of mobility and at the same time ensuring high quality of data transmission for an operational range of 25 KM are key design criteria for the Antenna Tracker.

The complete AT setup will with its small footprint and low weight easily fits into the backpack together with the complete fixed wing UAV system.

Quick and easy setup combined with the automatic alignment and tracking of the UAV emphasizes the benefits to mobile deployments of UAV missions.

Long Range Antenna Tracker

Securing optimal connection at distances +25km (line of sight) by tracking your UAV at all times, makes our Long Range Antenna Tracker a popular companion to our Heidrun platform. It enables you to operate the UAV in safe distance far from the front line providing best possible protection to your operator.

Dual payload option

The live video Heidrun payload is a dual-channel EO/IR stabilized camera with a minimal weight of 160 grams [5.6 oz]. The payload provides unparalleled capabilities in its weight category, providing an excellent choice for our lightweight Heidrun platform.

Mapping payload

The still camera combines an APS-C size Exmor™ CMOS image sensor with a BIONZ X™ processor to produce high-precision 24 MP images for a wide variety of applications. It uses E-Mount interchangeable lens options, providing maximum flexibility of lens solutions for your specific mission.

Backpack for Fixed Wing UAS

In the Heidrun Backpack you can pack the entire Heidrun UAV System providing maximum mobility when you need to deploy our UAV in the battlefield.

The Heidrun Backpack is a light-weight camouflage backpack based on MOLLE system for the most flexibility, and allows you to distribute various equipment across multiple persons or to keep the entire system with a single person.

The Backpack is designed for military use in rough environments and built to last.

For transportation and storage you also have the option to use the Peli flight case.

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Live video feed during critical operations securing clear battlefield situational awareness.

Perimeter Security

24-7 protection of permanent or temporary base. Automatically detecting and recognizing possible threats via drones overflying the specific area, transmitting live feed from a bird-view perspective.

Tactical Engagement

Creating a valid foundation for reaching the best and safest decisions before and under a critical mission.

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