The battle proven Huginn X1 has gone through a complete transformation with focus on upgrade and robustness of all the key critical components as robust MiMo radio module (comms and video link), new avionics & better performance, new battery, new compact ground station, new ground control station options and our latest generation of ground station user interface Sky-Watch Drone Manager.

The new upgrade also include support for STANAG 4586 and STANAG 4609 meaning that integration with third party C4i systems is possible and important when investing in future proof UAV platforms.


It looks the same as prior models, but the experience is completely different and will give the demanding operator a vast range of new features and a combat hardened drone asset.



Huginn X1 has been adopted by and is in use across Navy, Army and SOF defense organizations among several NATO member states. The new upgraded V3 platform represents many years of end-user feedback and continuous optimization.

The Huginn X1.V3 is a truly high performance VTOL UAV designed for tactical operations as surveillance and reconnaissance missions where you expect robustness, ease of use, high quality and reliable video link, and light weight deployment.

Huginn X1.V3 gives you:
Live feed from dual camera with HD EO and IR
25 min of operation
5 km of operational range
few minutes deployment time


The Huginn X1.V3 is a foldable small size UAV, and the compact ground control station setup allows transportation and deployment from a tactical backpack.

The complete system is integrated in a backpack and once the UAV is hand launched it can be operated by the integrated ground control station enabling the operator to be truly mobile while he can focus on the task at hand.

With the Automated Hand Launch and Retrieval feature Huginn X1.V3 can be launched and retrieved from hand, and highlights the fast response time to establish "eye in the sky" view, and the flexibility to operate in areas where you can't launch and land from ground.


All mission planning is done in Sky-Watch Drone Manager which is used across all our UAV platforms.

It is a touch based UI, optimized for finger and stylus pen. Simplified workflow, intuitive interaction, guided wizards.

Simple and easy flight planning with map centric point and click planning via way point navigation and control. Instant edit and update of flight plan during flight.

Secure and safe flight operation as SDM has a 3-level alert and warning system with visual and audio notification, terrain awareness warning system that uses terrain elevation data during mission and planning and also during flight for terrain collision warning.

Flexible map functionality based on ESRI map sources, custom maps, online and offline modes. Import KML/KMZ layers, polygons, dots, POIs. Multiple coordinate formats like LAT/LON, MGRS, UTM, DMS.


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