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Sky-Watch is committed to supporting our customers with the same level of excellence expected from our UAV solutions. Sky-Watch is dedicated to providing cost-efficient operations services such as our own dedicated customer Support portal, Support & Professional Services programs, and Local Logistics Support.

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Sky-Watch Customer Support Portal

In this online portal, you will find our latest software updates, "how-to" videos, manuals and other customer-related content. The purpose of this portal is to provide you with the best possible support when utilizing our solutions. 

Therefore, we urge you to interact with us whenever an issue occurs. You can submit requests, tickets and technical support questions 24-7, and track the status of and response to any requests or tickets raised on your account.

If you are already a Sky-Watch customer, all you have to do is sign up to our Customer Support Portal via the following link.

Professional Services

We know how important it is that your UAV solution is operational and available to you to support your operations. Our Support & Service programs ensures that your UAV is serviced at the appropriate service intervals. Some types of maintenance tasks can be carried out by end users in the field; others need to be carried out at a certified Sky-Watch Service Technicians.

Local Logistics Support serves to ensure that our customers achieve mission success by providing quality products and the best-value logistics support anywhere in the world so that they can proceed with confidence.


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