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Sky-Watch develops state-of the-art technology in cooperation with defence forces all over the world. We strive to minimize casualties by facilitating decision making for ground units deployed in extreme situations.

By providing both live thermal and high-definition imagery and GIS, we assist the law enforcement with a variety of jobs, for instance, investigating criminal activities, maintenance of public order, crowd control, surveillance, traffic control or border control.


By providing both thermal and high-definition imagery, we assist in emergency management by giving onsite overview to first responders and search and rescue teams throughout the world.


Severe damage to infrastructures and high casualties caused by natural disasters call upon great organizations of volunteers who has devoted their own lives to save others. The UAV is valuable to organisations in order to obtain fast real-time video and data for resource planning and for search and rescue operations.


Cumulus fixed wing system and Huginn X1 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) system for GIS, Agriculture, Environmental protection, Mining and Surveying. Huginn X1 VTOL system is ideal for inspections of pipelines, mining, buildings or windmills whereas Cumulus is appropriate for long range operations. Both systems carry payloads which gives best image quality, stills vs video and accurate GPS meta data.




Sky-Watch offer ruggedized Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) technology for professional users. Our quadcopter and fixed wing multi-purpose UAV platforms are configured according to customers’ requirements. Our applications range from advanced sensor piloting features, GIS- and camera technologies. With our UAV platforms, it is easy to deploy, fly and collect live video and data from remote, dangerous or inaccessible areas.
Our UAV technology save LIVES, save TIME and save COSTS!