Open position as Engineer, Embedded Linux

We are now hiring for an open position as Engineer, Embedded Linux in our organization in Støvring. We are looking for an independent and quality conscious  person with the necessary experience within Linux based platforms.

We offer an opportunity to become a team member of a fast developing company in a growing industry, along with a creative work environment and a flat organizational structure.

To read the full vacancy notice for our Engineer, Embedded Linux position, please visit Job Index (language: DANISH).

The deadline for applications is no later than 14 January 2018.

We hope to hear from you.

We are now hiring a Product Manager!


Sky-Watch is now hiring for an open position as Product Manager in our organization in Støvring. We are looking for an efficient, independent and pro-active person with the necessary experience with product management.

We offer an opportunity to become a team member of a fast developing company in a growing industry, along with a creative work environment with a flat organizational structure.

To read the full vacancy notice for our Product Manager position, please visit Job Index (language: DANISH).


New hardware – higher accuracy

As a natural step in the development of our mapping favourite – the Cumulus – we have added post processed kinematic (PPK) to it’s latest update.  The new PPK feature ensures a high level of accuracy in the data retrieved from the Cumulus guaranteeing a continual high level of precision in your results.

The PPK hardware operates independently of your current UAV flight management system. Your UAV will thus operate as it does now with onboard flight control using the existing autonomous GPS.

How does it work

The PPK system logs GNSS data with a millisecond camera trigger events to provide highly accurate camera positions after post-processing. After the flight mission the data logged is processed with base station data.

After post-processing the data the high-precision camera coordinates are inserted in your photogrammetry software with your images.

Want to know more? Click HERE for more information about our system or contact our sales team:

Trans-Atlantic UAV Partnership enters final integration phase

The Boeing-facilitated and funded partnership between Sky-Watch and Canada- based companies Solace Power (Solace) and Agile Sensors Technology (Agile) is on track to demonstrate its Autonomous Wireless Recharge Quadcopter in Canada before the end of the year.

Sky-Watch, with the support of Canadian-based research and development corporation C-CORE, will lead the team’s technology demonstration of precision landing and wireless recharging by the end of 2016.

To read the full press release, please visit the links below:

Danish PDF: Click HERE
English PDF: Click HERE

Sky-Watch UAVs supports Fire department in Switzerland

Sky-Watch is constantly striving to create a safer world through technology. That is why we work together with the world’s everyday heroes in order to improve the overall safety of those who put their own lives at risk every day.

UAVs equipped with thermal cameras can make a difference! Whether they are used for fast and rapid Search & Rescue missions or monitoring dangerous and hazardous incidents, the UAVs can help detecting missing persons or heated cylinders.

Watch the full movie (in french) HERE.

Below you can see the advantage thermal imagery provides when used in Search & Rescue mission

Contact us for further information on how we can help you and your business.

Sky-Watch Cumulus and WeRobotics supports recovery and reconstruction in Tanzania!

We are proud to be a part of the recovery and reconstruction of Bukoba, Tanzania, together with our partners WeRobotics.
At the moment they are flying our surveying drone Cumulus to gather aerial imagery of the affected areas.

To read the full article and read more about the mission, please follow this link: “Why We’re Flying Robots at the Source of the Nile

Winner of Sky-Watch Labs Award 2016

At Nordic UAS Event 2016, Sky-Watch announced the winner of this year’s Sky-Watch Labs Award 2016.

The winner of this year’s Sky-Watch Labs Award is JESPER ANDERSEN with his idea “ALF”. Jesper presented an innovative concept which can help to increase the safety of UAV systems globally. The technology named “ALF” is designed to always look for the best landing spot in case of a system malfunction. The technology was evaluated to be scalable by being implementable on Fixed Winged Platforms as well as on VTOL platforms.

It was especially noted that ALF:
– Exist in a working prototype ready to be tested
– The product is scalable and can have global impact on UAV operation in e.g. urban environment
– It have the potential to impact new legislation and facilitate BVLOS operations due to an increased safety

We wish Jesper Andersen the best of luck and hope the award of 1.000,- EUR will support his future development.

Nordic UAS Event 2016

This year’s Nordic UAS Event in Odense is about to take off – and Sky-Watch will be there!
Nordic UAS Event is the largest Unmanned Aircraft Systems expo, conference and demo in Northern Europe gathering end-users and industry specialists from the Nordic countries and around the world.

Nordic Drone Games will also be held at the Nordic UAS Event on the 1st of June, where the first annual Sky-Watch Labs Award will be launched! The winner will be announced at our booth on the 3rd of June @ 1200h!

Come visit us at our booth #63 and see all our exciting new technology!

To find more information about the event, please visit!

Spanish Navy using Sky-Watch Huginn X1

The Sky-Watch Huginn X1 has been implemented in the Spanish Navy by our technology partner E&Q Engineering, who showed tactical use to Marine Corps UAS operators´ at small Unit level.

“It is designed to provide immediate support to small reconnaissance groups and the Marine Corps Force will enhance its threat detection capabilities, reconnaissance and surveillance,” military sources report.

The aim is to use intelligence gathering, information and images on their way. Especially useful for detecting the existence of a possible ambush, the existence of an improvised explosive device, location of snipers, etc.

At Sky-Watch we strive to create a safer world through technology and we hope the Huginn X1 will support the Spanish Army in creating a safer environment for their troops.

To read the full article (Spanish), click HERE

Article, Google Translated, click HERE.

Sky-Watch A/S & Little Smart Things merge!

We are very happy to announce that Sky-Watch A/S has acquired and will continue all activities of Little Smart Things. All drone activity will continue under the name of Sky-Watch and we therefore strive to strengthen our position within the industry as well as within the segments Police, Fire Departments and humanitarian organizations. The merge is a natural result of long-term cooperation, as both companies increasingly are exploring the synergies within technology and sale.

To read more about the merge, please see the following press releases:

English version: “Sky-Watch A/S and Little Smart Things ApS merges
Dansk version: “Little Smart Things ApS og Sky-Watch A/S fusionerer

Sky-Watch Labs partners with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

We are very proud to announce that Sky-Watch Labs has signed a contract with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to develop an advanced algorithm for real-time wire detection, which will help helicopter pilots operate safer in obstacle-rich environments. The development contract highlights the unique value that Sky-Watch Labs – the advanced technology development department of Sky-Watch A/S, offers the global defense- and aerospace industry.

The project at Sky-Watch Labs brings Sky-Watch a step closer to realizing the huge potential for creating knowledge intensive jobs in Denmark. A potential which was highlighted in a recent report from Oxford Research, who found that the UAV industry have the potential to create as much as 15.000 jobs in Denmark by 2050.

To read the full Sky-Watch press release, please click HERE

To read the full Sikorsky press release, please click HERE

Sky-Watch Labs MUNINN VX-1 design revelation!

Danish Sky-Watch will be unveiling a prototype of it’s new MUNINN VX1 hybrid drone design at the Nordic UAV Event on the May 28, 2015. In cooperation with DTU Space and DTU Environment Sky-Watch is on the path to change the game by introducing the MUNINN VX1, a new “Two Worlds|One UAV” type of hybrid UAV, that will help to solve tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

Get your tickets now and come join the revelation @ 10:15 on the 28th of May! Get them HERE

Read the press release HERE

Sky-Watch Labs partners with General Dynamics!

We are very proud and happy to announce that General Dynamics European Lands Systems signed a MOI last week to explore future opportunities for UAV technology in the battlefield. The future of UAVs in the battlefield will be explored by Sky-Watch Labs, the research and development arm of Sky-Watch, in cooperation with partners such as the Technical University of Denmark on a variety of projects. UAVs are becoming an integral part of modern warfare and provide increased situational awareness for troops and commanders on the ground.
The purpose of Sky-Watch products and our partners is always to create a safer world through technology, and this signing of MOI is one step in the right direction.


General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is a business unit of US based General Dynamics Corporation and conducts its business through European operating sites located in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. For the past 20 years GDELS has delivered hundreds of PIRANHA, EAGLE and DURO armored vehicles to the Danish Army. GDELS´s Industry Cooperation programs have generated almost 1,7 billion kroner of revenue for Danish industry out of which 700 million kroner have been generated on a purely commercial basis. Partnerships with and assistance from GDELS has enabled Danish industry to access General Dynamics Corporation´s vast network and has created new technology development, export and employment opportunities. Long-term GDELS industry partners in Denmark include Falck Schmidt Defence Systems, Terma, Nissens and TenCate. For more information about GDELS visit

With headquarter in Denmark, Sky-Watch has since 2009 developed, manufactured and implemented high-tech solutions for real-time decision making in complex environments worldwide. Sky-Watch’s R&D competencies encompasses unmanned systems, advanced embedded control software, integrated industrial design and intuitive user interfaces.
Sky-Watch is owned by the Danish equity fund Dangroup ApS and Borean Innovation. We currently employ 19 highly educated and motivated employees, in an innovative and open environment with focus on our customers needs.
For more information about Sky-Watch, who we are and what we do, please visit our website:

To read more about the signing, please visit the following links:

Press release: General Dynamics official press release
Article, danish news media Nordjyske: “Sky-Watch får endnu en stor amerikansk partner

Sky-Watch invited to United Nations Technology Fair

At the invites-only United Nations Technology Fair 2015, Danoffice and Sky-Watch are present with both the Sky-Watch VTOL Huginn X1 UAV and the Cumulus One fixed-wing mapping drone. A great interest for both products has been shown and today is the final day of the fair.

The United Nations provide peace and security around the world by working to prevent conflicts; helping parties in conflict make peace; peacekeeping; and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish – at Danoffice and Sky-Watch we want to contribute and create a safer world through technology together.

Sky-Watch Huginn X1 featured in IFF Magazine!

The Huginn X1 is featured in the International Firefighting Magazine, March edition (Issue 45).
The article describes how the Copenhagen Fire Brigade uses the Huginn X1 as a first responder to create situational overview within seconds! Drones has been tested by the Copenhagen Fire Brigade in the last year and has become a interesting player in personnel safety and emergency management.

At Sky-Watch we always strive to create a safer world through technology and this is one step further!

To read about Sky-Watch on IFF, CLICK HERE!

To read the second page of the article, CLICK HERE!

Sky-Watch A/S and Anthea Technologies ApS merge

We are extremely happy to announce this important point in the Sky-Watch A/S history!

Effective from February, Sky-Watch A/S has acquired the shares in our global distributor Anthea Technologies ApS, which means that Anthea Technologies ApS will be a 100 % owned daughter company in the Sky-Watch group.
The activities of Sky-Watch A/S and Anthea Technologies ApS will during the coming periode merge into one operational unit under Sky-Watch A/S.

Further, we are happy to introduce the new management team in Sky-Watch, which will work to ensure Sky-Watch a leading position in the growing markets of drones and sensor fusion technologies. To meet the expected growth of Sky-Watch, the management team has been expanded, and is led by newly appointed President and CEO Henrik B. Bendixen.

We are looking very much forward to the new and exiting future of Sky-Watch A/S and we will continue to develop new technologies for a safer world.

To read the full press release, CLICK HERE.

To see the new Management Team, CLICK HERE.

Huginn X1 helps WWF saving endangered marine turtles

At Sky-Watch we strive to create the best possible solutions for our customers. Our vision is to create a safer world through technology and at the moment our Huginn X1 surveillance UAV is proving its worth in Surinam, doing a WWF project against poaching.

Sky-Watch cooperates with Danoffice on supporting and delivering solutions for counter-poaching teams in game reservations and for conservation applications around the world.

To read more about the WWF project in Surinam, please visit Danoffice’s website via the following link: Danoffice press release

More information about the Huginn X1 drone, please click HERE:

Danish articles published in Danish news media:

Fyens Stiftstidende: Svendborg-drone redder skildpadder i Surinam Danske droner skal hjælpe WWF med at redde truede havskildpadder
TV2 Fyn: Fynske droner overvåger krybskytter

Sky-Watch exhibits at ENFORCE TAC 2015

This years Enforce Tac in Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany, is now coming to and end. I has been a couple of exciting days and you still have the chance to visit us. We are located at booth 225 in hall 10.1 together with our trusted partner Tactics Group.

The contents of the Enforce Tac exhibition and the themes of the accompanying conferences concentrate exclusively on the needs of security experts from the police, judiciary, frontier protection, customs, military police and armed forces.

As the Enforce Tac exhibition comes to and end, IWA Outdoor Classics starts tomorrow and we will of cause be present – same trusted partner, same exhibition center but now at booth 403 in hall 9. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Link to Enforce Tac

Link to IWA Outdoor Classics

AEWE 2015 is now underway.

We are now at the end of Jan. 2015 and AEWE is well underway at Fort Benning Georgia. Sky-Watch have also ended its training and is moving into the experiment exercises.

During the training we captured a few beautiful pictures at the Mckenna Mount at Fort Benning GA, which we would like to share with you.

We are looking forward to gaining alot of experience from this years AEWE, and will continue to post updates during the exercises.

AEWE Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

AEWE 2015 sky-watch huginn x1 fort benning

US Ambassador tries out Huginn X1 UAV

The United States Ambassador in Denmark, Rufus Gifford, visited Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense. His agenda were to hear more about the UAS Test Center Danmark, which is located at the airport. He also had the opportunity to see the Sky-watch UAV system Huginn X1 in action – and fly it himself!

Watch the Ambassador fly the Huginn X1 on YouTube or read the danish article about the event HERE.

Sky-Watch Huginn X1 Rufus Gifford
Sky-Watch Jacob Petersen Rufus Gifford flying Huginn X1

Drones moves indoors with Danish technology

Professional drones flying around Indoor will in a few years become a reality within factories and construction sites – and even in hotels, hospitals, schools and offices. This is a prediction made by Danish technology companies. With an investment of 11 million. kr. from the Danish Innovation Fund will make drones indoor flying safe and profitable.

So far, unmanned autonomous drones have only been used under open sky, but by improving technology this three-year research project called UAWORLD will enable drones to securely operate autonomously indoor. It requires precise navigation without GPS and more than normal reliable wireless communication with the drones. In addition, they need to be able to fly without disturbing the rest of the production apparatus, whether it consists of employees, robots or IT systems.

– Our goal is to pave the way for a massive deployment of drones in a number of different areas and applications where they do not exist today. It may be as part of a flexible logistics company production or quality control in hard to reach places, says Associate Professor Henrik Schiøler from the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University, working with control systems for drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Researchers from the University’s Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing will be contributing with knowledge of optimization, scheduling and logistics systems. The other partners are GamesOnTrack A / S in Holstebro, which has developed an indoor system for 3D positioning of many devices in motion, RESEIWE A / S in Aalborg, which designs wireless systems and reliable protocols and Sky Watch A / S Stoevring which are already developing drones for outdoor tasks.

Sky-Watch director Jonas Johansen has high expectations for the new indoor possibilities:

– Currently, there are 176 European drone manufacturers and 100 US, but virtually all focus on outdoor applications. The integrated solution for indoor use in our project can give us a clear lead. To begin with indoor drones will be a niche market, but in the long term, we believe that it will become a part of everyday life in all relevant industries and services.

Niels Christian Gjerrildbanestien, director of RESEIWE and project manager, adds:
– To provide security for the drone is it important to have a secure communication protocol that Reseiwe have experience in and will contribute to the project. In the same way as position specifications ensures the correct basis for management in relation to targets, workspaces and various fixed and mobile devices, which GamesOnTrack contribute.

A major Danish production company and a wind turbine manufacturer will provide case studies for the project, where the drones will be incorporated directly into the logistics chain and the inspection of up to 75 meters long rotor blades.

Contact information:
Aalborg University, Inst. Of Electronic Systems, Henrik Schiøler, tel. 9940 8754
Aalborg University, Inst. Of Mechanical and Manufacturing, Izabela Nielsen, tel. 9940 7318
GamesOnTrack A / S, 7500 Holstebro, Niels Bo Theilgaard, Director, tel. 3070 3777
RESEIWE A / S, DK-9220 Aalborg, Niels-Christian Gjerrildbanestien, Director, tel. 4034 9879
Sky Watch A / S 9530 Støvring, Jonas Johansen, Director, tel. 9686 7666

Budget: 19 million DKK.
Innovation Fund investment: 11 million DKK.
Duration: 3 years

Innovation Fund Denmark’s article: Drones moves indoors with Danish technology

Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark



Top priority: SAFETY first!

Several near-incidents of commercial airlines and drones colliding has been reported the last couple of months, rising a very important discussion about international UAV regulations. At the moment any person can purchase an UAV and fly anywhere without any training or education in safety and regulations, which pose a potential threat to international airspace, commercial airliners and everyman’s right to privacy.

Sky-Watch top priority is and has always been safety first! When buying a Huginn X1 drone we offer an insurance approved training program and operator’s certification to ensure that personnel using our products know every aspect of flying a UAV. Further, the Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is covered by an international third party liability, aviation insurance cover.
All unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators should abide by all regulations from such organizations as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and their own national airspace regulations.

As another safety precaution, we have equipped our Sky-Watch Navigator with a “fly-only zone” feature. By enabling this feature your Huginn X1 will not be able to fly outside this zone, securing yours and others safety.

BBC article: Heathrow plane in near miss with drone

CNN article: Unmanned drone danger

FAA’s “DOs and DON’Ts”: Federal Aviation Administration

Danish news article: Jyllands-Posten

Sky-Watch’s UAV Huginn X1 achieves French type approval!

We are proud to announce that Sky-Watch’s UAV Huginn X1 has achieved the French type approval B/159-NO/NAV.

The Huginn X1 is now approved to fly in France and is fully approved to fly in all possible scenarios (S1, S2, S3 and S4) as well as over populated areas (i.e. crowds and live animals).
At Sky-Watch we always strive to provide the best possible solutions to our customers and we think that this approval consolidates our products and goals. With the Huginn X1’s many advanced technologies, such as thermal imagery or chemical detection, this top of the range quadcopter is the ideal tool for inspections, surveillance, reconnaissance and many other applications.

Huginn French type approval
Huginn X1

Releif work gets help from UAV’s

After the devastating typhoon Haiyen in the Philippines relief workers gets help from Sky-Watch’s UAV Huginn X1. With its dual HD and thermal camera mount it was able to sort human lives from from the scattered remains, making the rescue teams faster and more effective.


Oslo police tests the Huginn X1

The Norwegian government is looking into new possibilities to quickly get overview of emergency situations like the “Breivik incident”. Sky-Watch’s quadcopter Huginn X1 is up for the test. 

Huginn X1 Details - Top angled - No Shadow (Transp BG)

Possible application for UAV’s in the future

When farming and harvesting agricultural fields game gets killed which is a big problem both for the natural wildlife and the farmers. Aarhus University is working together with Sky-Watch on a solution to prevent this in the future with the use of UAV’s.



Huginn X1 participates in resilience exercise

At the annual major resilience exercise held at Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire, Sky-Watch’s UAV Huginn X1 supported the Gloucester Fire & Rescue Service in locating casualties. The emergency responders was very impressed by the many possible applications the Huginn X1 have to offer.

Huginn X1 supports Fire & Rescue exercise

Huginn X1 supports Fire & Rescue exercise