Through the latest UAV technology, proven products, and dedicated support, we provide knowledge which empowers people to make clearer, safer and more efficient choices - elevating the overall performance of their daily operations. 

Defense and Security

High-value intelligence information that enables you to plan and execute successful tactical missions, increasing the safety of the personnel.


High-precision mapping and surveying based on user-friendly, high-endurance drone performance that gives you an efficient workflow to help you improve your outcome.

Products & Services

A direct link to our application and mission specific solutions for mission planning and execution with Sky-Watch UAS technology.

Our Eye in the sky

"I cannot stress enough our dependency on the Heidrun platform. It is saving lives and providing crucial intelligence to the Government" - Loyal MoD customer, the Middle East


The Cumulus is a fully autonomous mini drone for high precision mapping and surveying, ideal for data collection involving large-scale coverage and impassable terrain.


Through technology, we empower people to make clearer, safer and more efficient choices, elevating the scope of their daily operations.


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