Through the latest UAS technology, combat proven products, experienced instructors, skilled technicians, and dedicated support staff, we provide the best M-UAS platform for establishing the situational awareness which empowers battlespace decision makers to make clearer, safer and more efficient choices - thus improving the overall success of their combat operations. 

Defense and Security

High-value intelligence gathering that enables you to plan and execute successful tactical missions and increasing the safety of your ground force personnel.

Products & Services

A direct link to our application and mission specific solutions for mission planning and execution with Sky-Watch UAS technology.

"Bring Your Own Drone"

"With the RQ-35 Heidrun we have some of the very best protected equipment against jamming. Equipment that is among the best in the world. It is a big change in this war, which we really appreciate,"
Ukranian end user (anonymous for security reasons)


Through technology, we empower people to make clearer, safer and more efficient choices, elevating the scope of their daily operations.


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