We are Sky-Watch

Through deep and direct interaction with clients and market-leading solution partners, we ensure that our UAV solutions and related services, throughout the adoption cycle and after, offer substantial and lasting value and benefit to our clients. As much as we are providing our clients with tailored technology solutions, we are firmly involved in building the necessary UAV capabilities in the client organization.

Company Profile

At Sky-Watch, we are curious people. We do not just look at the way things are. We look at what they can become. We see the potential. In people. In knowledge. In experience. In partnerships. In technology and how to use it. We believe that elevating is what matters. Together with simplicity. We believe in turning form into function and ideas into action. We believe in co-operation and in doing better. We do not believe in endings: we believe in beginnings, and we believe we have just got started.

Since Sky-Watch was founded in 2009, we have developed, manufactured and sold highly competitive UAV solutions. Our headquarters are in Denmark but our business is worldwide. We are among the few companies in Europe with the know-how to develop a turnkey professional UAV system, including the advanced embedded control software, composite structures, and intuitive user interfaces.


Sky-Watch is built on compassion and faith in ourselves, our values and our solutions. Our passionate and skilled colleagues enhance who we are and the value we create through our technology.

We will not just be a supplier. We will be your partner for UAS know-how and innovation, and you can expect us to help you generate added value, fulfil your mission and develop your business potential.


A strong team of committed owners ensures that Sky-Watch is goal oriented and well-funded.

Dangroup ApS is the majority shareholder of Sky-Watch A/S. Dangroup is a Danish private equity fund with investments in technologies, primarily including information technology, unmanned aerial systems, software, and related applications or services.

Borean Innovation A/S is part of the Danish Ministry of Research and invests in Danish technology companies in the fields of medical technology, welfare tech, clean tech, ICT, and electronics. Borean Innovation is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark.

Quality Certification

Sky-Watch is a quality certified company according to ISO9001-2015 by Bureau Veritas and has been audited and found in accordance with the requirements of the management system for design, development, manufacturing, integration, sales and services of UAV systems.

Bureau Veritas certificate no: DK008404


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