Strategic and dynamic solutions for defense and security missions

Sky-Watch is deeply committed to being a driving force in shaping and facilitating a new dimension in defense, security and battlefield management. Our solutions are targeted on the absolute front line of net-centric warfare concepts, interoperability trends, and force multiplier initiatives.

We offer our Defense & Security clients a range of UAV solutions which increase speed and precision in operational decision making, from the front line to central command, maintain operational momentum, aggressively stretch operational awareness, save resources, save lives.

Terrain Mapping

Continuous mapping of occupied terrain, ensuring that maps of the specific area of interest are always updated.

Force Recon

Intelligent collection of data for equipment recognition in hostile terrain using the latest UAV mapping solution to analyse and detect any changes in detail.


Live video feed during critical operations, securing clear battlefield situational awareness.

Perimeter Security

24-7 protection of a permanent or temporary base. Automatic detection and recognition of possible threats via drones overflying the specific area, transmitting live feed from a birds eye view.

Radio Relaying

Radio Relaying to provide smart enhancement of the situational awareness in the mission planning and execution phase for mounted and dismounted infantry.

Tactical Engagement

Creating a valid foundation for reaching the best and safest decisions before and during a critical mission.


Our eye in the sky

"The Heidrun is recon made easy. Once the mission plan is completed, you just throw the fully autonomous drone in the air and it collects all the data you need."

- Sgt. SOCOM, Middle East


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