Ground control components (GCC) are a key component to the success of your UAS mission. GCC is both your interface and control hub.  The Heidrun’s sensor-generated data is engineered to meet the exacting standards of our military clients, with a strong focus on high connectivity in challenging environments.  


The RQ-35 mobile Patch Antenna kit is incredibly light weight. At only 4 kg, it is troop portable. Both the UAS plus Patch Antenna kit will easily fit into a backpack. Everything you need- the ground station, radio platform, antenna and tripod are all designed for quick and easy set up in the field.  Our highly advanced yet light and flexible system ensures quality data transmission and ease of use.  With an operational range of 25 km, automatic alignment and UAS tracking, you get the reliability you need.


With a range of up to 45km, the dual patch antenna extends your line of sight even further.  In the event of electronic warfare, the marked advantages of the Heidrun become even more apparent. Our system ensures that troops maintain self sufficiency in the field, including the ability to transmit and receive data independently. The dual patch antenna kit is troop portable and fits easily into a pelicase or backpack.  Each kit includes antenna, mount and cables in a compact and convenient pouch. 

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