Ground control

Ground control components (GCC) are a key component to the success of your UAS mission. GCC is both your interface and control hub.  The Heidrun’s sensor-generated data is engineered to meet the exacting standards of our military clients, with a strong focus on high connectivity in challenging environments.  


The Heidrun RQ-35’s Ground Control Station (GCS) is your portable mission control center.  Analyze data, plan missions, communicate with your UAS and more. Ours includes highly dependable and ruggedized components to ensure that your UAS is supported by the most reliable and secure GCS available.  

All components are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability when it counts. 



Our robust tablet is the perfect tool for ISR missions in environments and weather conditions in  any UAS operating window, giving you the ultimate in Ground Control Station performance.

We at Sky-Watch work hard to produce the most troop friendly and intuitive Drone Manager System (SDM) possible. Together with our technology partners, we constantly work to improve the performance of all of our systems to give you the best products on the market.

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