Payload & Sensor Components

The Heidrun is designed to give you the flexibility and customization you need for success.  Our selection of payloads and sensors ensure that you get the most out of your mapping and surveying missions.  With up to 500 grams of payload capacity and customizable sensors, the R-35 gives you maximum versatility. 


Our UAS are equipped with best in class EO/IR sensor technology. We are committed to providing the strongest and most advanced sensors on the market, giving you unparalleled vision even in the harshest environments. The Heidrun’s lightweight sensor guarantees superior visual advantages for your surveillance missions.  


Our UAS solutions employ some of the most advanced imaging payloads on the market.  And with our premiere surveillance technology, the Heidrun’s cameras can be used for the entire duration of your mission. This provides you with a seamless and reliable flow of data for each assignment.  

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