Sky-watch drone manager

The Sky-Watch Drone Manager sets a new standard in UAS operations with its  user-friendly interface and optimal performance on both tablets and laptops. Engineered for the demanding contexts of military use, it offers unrivaled control in any mission environment. Our platform streamlines your flight planning process with customizable segments, ensuring efficiency and precision in mission execution.

The Heidrun’s sensor data, terrain elevation, sophisticated alert system, and highly advanced features such as the capability to fly in GNSS-denied environments, ensure mission success. Our UAS gives you operational readiness with straightforward and seamless flight log management, mapping execution and live video feed. 

Sky-Watch Drone Manager is your ultimate Ground Control Station, simplifying operations and setting a new standard in UAS. 


Sky-Watch Camara Controller is designed specifically for payload operators. This tool enhances live feed management, enabling seamless collaboration in all operational scenarios. Compatible with the Heidrun EO/IR platform, it allows single tablet operation of SDM to include an optional dual tablet configuration for extensive, focused video monitoring. Advanced features include object tracking, image stabilization, gathering and reporting your Point of Interests (POI) —all enhancing  your intelligence gathering.

The Camera Controller and Sky-Watch Drone Manager ensure a smooth operational experience. SDM provides comprehensive UAS control, including payload management while the Video Controller (SCC) focuses on payload operations.  

This combination gives you seamless integration, ensuring that both operators can easily alternate control of the payload.  Our system maximizes operational flexibility, allowing for real-time adaptation to mission demands and enhancing overall mission efficiency.

GNSS-Denied Flight Capability 

Gain the advantage with the Sky-Watch Drone Manager's GNSS-Denied Flight feature. Designed to overcome the limitations of traditional systems, our solution gives you full command and control of your UAS, even in environments where GNSS signals are compromised or unavailable.

With our advanced features, including full payload management, you can maintain uninterrupted operations.   From launch to landing, our intuitive platform is crafted for ease of use, guided by your inputs, ensuring every mission is executed with precision—regardless of location or GNSS operability. 

Camera-Centric Flight Operation and Control

Transform your UAS missions with our camera-centric flight operation and control. Designed for unmatched simplicity and precision, pilots can steer and manage missions directly through their video feed. This innovative system supports autonomous flight paths determined by the the camera's positioning, ensuring stable and clear footage. Crucially, it enables precise deep stall landings on a specific target via live video feed. 

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