UAV Platform

Sky-Watch is at the forefront of defense technology, specializing in fixed-wing mini-UAS systems. The RQ-35-Heidrun, is engineered for critical ISR missions, delivering unmatched reliability even in the event of electronic warfare or GPS-denied environments. Trusted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since March 2022, the Heidrun RQ-35 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and reliability in the most demanding operational scenarios.

Quick Deployment and Reliable Performance

Operational Excellence: Proven in battle, the RQ-35 demonstrates exceptional stealth and durability.  It is remarkably reliable, with a performance track record of over 500 missions for some drones and minimal losses despite severe EW challenges.

Rapid Deployment & Training: The Heidrun's lightweight design allows for single-operator handling and quick deployment, with a user-friendly interface ensuring operational readiness within days.

The Heidrun RQ-35 - Superiority in the Sky

Designed for Front-Line ISR: Tailored for company-level deployment, the RQ-35 Heidrun offers superior intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, even in GPS Denied and EW contested operations.

Advanced Optics and Stealth: Equipped with high-resolution day/night E/O cameras and an immune communication system, The Heidrun boasts an effective operational range of up to 46 Km and a flight time of 150 minutes in specific configurations.

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