Integration and partnerships 

Driving Innovation with Cutting-Edge Technology and Strong Partnerships

Sky-Watch High Speed Product Development Program (HS-PDP). Through strategic collaboration, we are pushing the boundaries of aerial defense technology. Along with our trusted partners, we're breaking new ground in integrated UAS solutions and situational awareness capabilities.

Strength, vision, and a pursuit of excellence drive us to create solutions for the future of net-centric warfare.



Sky-Watch has built solutions on top of SitaWare from Systematic exchanging RQ-35 Heidrun collected data between Sky-Watch-Drone-Manager (SDM) and the Sitaware battle-management-system (BMS).



Helsing Germany GmbH and Sky-Watch leverage their complementary capabilities regarding un-crewed arial systems, sensor data collection, analysis and dissemination to provide target acquisition and sensor to shooter solutions.



Palantir Technologies Inc. and Sky-Watch have setup a Cooperation Agreement. The companies will utilize their individual expertise to multiply the effort of the Sky-Watch drones.



The Sky-Watch RQ35 Heidrun seamlessly integrates with your TAK system, including ATAK, to enhance your operational capabilities.

Commitment to the Front Line

Sky-Watch is dedicated to providing the armed forces with cutting-edge UAS solutions that ensure operational superiority. Our on-the-ground presence, swift adaptation to field  and commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations give you the tools and support to dominate the modern-day battlespace.

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