Copenhagen-Palantir Technologies Inc. is teaming up with Danish drone manufacturer Sky-Watch by entering a Cooperation Agreement announced at Danish Defense Annual Conference (DDAC) in Copenhagen.

The companies will utilize their individual expertise to multiply the effort of the Sky-Watch drones. The power of data from the Sky-Watch drone RQ-35 Heidrun will be unlocked by being integrated to Palantir’s software platform. The Palantir platform gathers and analyses immense data fusing intelligence collected from platforms at land, sea, air and space giving the end user a strong real-time operational picture. This, also known as multi-domain operation, is crucial in modern warfare – efficiently illustrated in Ukraine, where both Palantir and Sky-Watch are present.

The first step in the cooperation is to provide proof of concept, and this work has already started. The Cooperation Agreement also involves Go-to-Market effort, which among other things implies showcasing the Sky-Watch data-feed integrated into Palantir’s state-of-the-art software platform.

Palantir Sales Executive in Copenhagen Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen says: “I am impressed by Sky-Watch and what they have achieved in a brief time. They have amazing drone capabilities, and we see a great potential and synergies by this partnership. It not only brings more capabilities to current customers, both we also see a Market potential in this cooperation. I really look forward to seeing it mature over the time to come.”

Sky-Watch CEO Martin Schousboe says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Sky-Watch, where we multiply the effort of our drones, by integration the feed into a state-of-the-art software platform like Palantir’s. I am also impressed by the clear customer focus and sense of urgency showed by Palantir. It has been quite easy to collaborate with them, and we look very much forward to continue the journey together to the benefit of our customers”.


About Palantir

‘Palantir builds leading software platforms for data-driven operations and decision-making. The company partners with several of the world’s leading government and commercial institutions across numerous industries and in many countries across the globe. Palantir is especially well known for being specialized in intelligence and defense, and the company has close collaborations with many NATO-countries including the US and UK.