Encrypted data handling

The ground control components (GCC) play a central role in the performance of the UAV and act as both a connection and a control hub for the data generated by the UAV.

Compact Ground Station

Compact Ground Station (CGS) is our small solid and compact Ground Station handling all telemetry and video feed communication for the Heidrun EO/IR UAV solution.

Long Range Antenna Tracker V2

The Sky-Watch Long Range Antenna Tracker is a valuable piece of equipment that allows you to extend your mission by 25+ kilometers with live video feed while still having full control of the UAV.

Ruggedised Tablet

A robust tablet that provides the team with the perfect tool to do fieldwork in all environments and weather conditions.

Compact Ground Station

Creates the best possible connection between you and the UAV, regardless of the weather conditions or the environment. Tested to IP68 standards, the Compact Ground Station is built to last and secure your vital data connection in the field. Furthermore, the CGS is the optimal connectivity and integration point between the UAS and any external C2 and C4 integration points.

Long Range Antenna Tracker

The Long Range Antenna Tracker V2 tracks the UAV securing the best possible connection between the Compact Ground Station and the UAV at all times. Despite its compact form factor, the Antenna Tracker provides data connection up to 25+ km (line of sight), which enables you to operate the UAV in safety, far from the front line.

Ruggedised PC

We are constantly looking for the best technology partners in order to enhance your performance. Based on your application, we find the best ruggedized PC solution to meet your needs.


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