The required accessories 

Our UAV platform is unique due to its multipurpose design and is the ideal partner for any mapping and surveying assignments. With our selection of payloads and sensors, the system becomes even more versatile,  as our UAVs are capable of handling several different payloads of up to 500 grams The payloads can be integrated according to our customer’s needs.

Multispectral Camera

We are offering the latest technology and highest quality within multispectral sensors to support our UAV solutions. Our solution is able to collect non-visible wavelengths and is specially chosen to collect the best and most accurate multispectral data.

Durable Still Camera

Our UAV solutions are supported by one of the highest quality mapping and surveying cameras. We have focused on supporting our solutions with a camera that has no power timeout leaving the camera on for the entire duration of the flight. Our PPK GPS receiver ensures that the image data is saved directly into the RINEX file for post-processing.

Advanced EO/IR camera

Our UAV systems are supported by the best EO/IR sensor technology on the market. We are very focused on offering the best and most powerful sensors to detect invisible objects and the lightweight sensor we offer in our UAV system guarantee an excellent solution for your surveillance missions.

Our eye in the sky

"I cannot stress enough our dependency on the Heidrun platform. It is saving lives and providing crucial intelligence to the Government." - Loyal MoD customer, the Middle East


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