RQ-35 Heidrun EO/IR

The RQ-35 Heidrun is a combat proven, fixed wing mini UAV for low-altitude ISR. It is designed for operations in complex environments and with high mobility, and rapid and easy launching in mind. Achieving up to 30km of live video feed (with Long Range Antenna Tracker), it is ideal for collecting immediate sensor data from any mission-critical area without exposing the operator to the danger of direct fire.

The tactical UAV is ultra mobile and can be rapidly deployed in the field for low-altitude drone reconnaissance or surveillance. It is operated by an easy-to-use touchscreen navigator with a precise GPS.
  • Flight time 1:30h
  • Hand launched
  • Deployment time 5 min
  • Deep-stall landing within 7.5 - 12m radius
  • NSN: 1550-22-637-5645



Live video feed during critical operations, securing real-time battlefield situational awareness.

Perimeter security

ISR support for 24-7 protection of a permanent or temporary base. Detection and recognition of possible threats via drones overflying the specific area, transmitting live feed from a birds-eye view.

Tactical Engagement

Creating a valid foundation for reaching the best and safest decisions before and during a critical mission.

Custom Uav Solutions

Time is critical during a military operation; the outcome can change within seconds, meaning the difference between life and death. In this respect, the RQ-35 Heidrun mini UAV is the perfect choice due to its scouting and reconnaissance capabilities.

Autonomous drone for surveillance and perimeter security

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