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Your success is what matters

Your success is our priority. Our Customer Service Team and Field-Deployed Specialists are there to get you airborne and operational quickly and seamlessly. Our team is here to ensure your dispatch reliability and mission readiness


Empowering Your Operations


Accelerate Your Journey


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We keep your UAS in the air

Field Service

Empowering Your Operations

Our Field Service Program is your dedicated partner. With speed and efficiency, we can resolve your challenges and save critical time and effort. With a team of seasoned Field Service Engineers and Operational Specialists, we're there with you in the field, tackling practical issues and implementing solutions.

From troubleshooting to upgrades, we seamlessly integrate our technology with your operations to ensure uninterrupted productivity and rapid system enhancements. With our support, you will experience unparalleled field service that exceeds all current industry standards


 Accelerate Your Journey

Your time is valuable, and our Training Program is designed with one goal in mind – to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Our Operational Specialists will educate and certify your drone operators and ensure they have comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your Sky-Watch UAS.

Training and certification ensure that operators are fully versed in our products. Our training program includes safety guidance, as well as instruction in the operation and maintenance of your drones. 

Our instructors have years of experience, domain knowledge and specialist know-how to ensure that all of your operators can comprehensively utilize the full suite of capabilities our drones have to offer.  


We keep you flying

At Sky-Watch, we know the critical role your UAS plays in supporting your operations. Our world-class Service and Maintenance Team is here for you. We are on call for routine maintenance, step-by-step guidance, and troubleshooting in the field.

Our Sky-Watch Service Technicians are here to resolve your issues. Anywhere, anytime we deliver quality products and unparalleled logistics support that are tailored to your needs. 

With the full support of Sky-Watch you can be confident that your operations are backed by a team dedicated to your success. 

online Support – Your Gateway to Expertise

Our Online Support Portal is your centralized hub for all things Sky-Watch. Through our portal, you can communicate, get advice and support, and stay connected to our team. Here you can find our latest software updates, instructional videos, manuals and other user-related content at your fingertips.


We are here 24-7 for support and collaboration when you need it most.  

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