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Welcome to Sky-Watch 

At Sky-Watch, we are pioneering a new era of multi-domain operations and battlefield management using the latest innovations in mini-UAS technologies.

Our mission is to save lives. By employing net-centric and force-multiplier operations and technology integration, we’re equipping warfighters with interoperable tools and solutions that give them a clear advantage in front-line defense. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that we are offering absolute best in class technology to meet this mission.

Join us at Sky-Watch as we continue to push the boundaries of possibility in multi-domain defense and battlefield management. Together, we will save lives, conserve resources, and shape the future of frontline excellence.


Redefining Defence Technology with the Brightest Minds

At Sky-Watch we thrive at constantly challenging status quo. We always look for the potential in our products, solutions and relations. We believe that continuous improvement is what matters. Our team leads the industry in producing products and services that aim for ease of use, turning form into function and ideas into action. We believe in co-operation and pushing boundaries together with strong industry partners and trusted clients. 

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