Unmatched Aerial Intelligence 

Step into the future of surveillance with the RQ-35 Heidrun, a groundbreaking ISR platform. Our drones deliver more that observation. The RQ-35 gives you the tools to command the high ground in informational warfare. The Heidrun's advanced optics provide live video feeds, enabling commanders to make informed decisions with speed and accuracy. Its capacity to track and monitor distances up to 50 kilometers away means you're not just watching the battlefield; you're mastering it.

Our UAS Solution

Sky-Watch is at the forefront of defense technology, specializing in fixed-wing mini-UAS systems. The RQ-35-Heidrun, is engineered for critical ISR missions, delivering unmatched resilience against electronic warfare and GPS-denied environments. Trusted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since March 2022, the Heidrun RQ-35 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and reliability in the most demanding operational scenarios. 


At Sky-Watch, we know the critical role your UAS plays in supporting your operations. Our Service and Maintenance Team is here for you. We are on call for routine maintenance, step-by-step guidance, and troubleshooting in the field.

Our certified Sky-Watch Service Technicians are here to resolve your issues. Anywhere, anytime we deliver quality products and unparalleled logistics support that are tailored to your needs. With the full support of Sky-Watch you can be confident that your operations are backed by a team dedicated to your success. 


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Our Online Support Portal is your centralized hub for all things Sky-Watch. Through our portal, you can communicate, get advice and support, and stay connected to our team. Here you can find our latest software updates, instructional videos, manuals and other user-related content at your fingertips. We are here 24-7 for support and collaboration when you need it most.  


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Recent and present day war and conflict have shown the importance of embracing evolving technologies like UAS of all sorts and forms since they have proven decisive in the battle space.  Hesitation can lead to an asymmetricadvantage for the adversary.Hesitation can come from risk adverse behaviour in force developmentand procurement faced with fast-evolving technology but too much hesitationdeprives the force of years of lessons learned, gained experience,and doctrinal development incorporating force multipliers like UAS.

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